2019 Course Catalog

The Barnes Foundation
2019 Course Catalog

I provided freelance graphic design and layout services for the Barnes Foundation, working under the guidance of the Foundation’s Art Director, Olivia Verdugo. For this project I chose which Foundation artwork to include alongside particular image requests from the Education Team. I was most excited to include the museum’s iconic decorative metalwork within the Catalogue. In designing the layout, I both worked within an established brand style, and broke away from it to create unexpected moments, such as a plant growing alongside the edge of a page.

I worked within InDesign, and assisted Ms. Verdugo in setting up the file for large-scale printing with a vendor that the Foundation works with regularly.

Metalwork that I chose to include (top left), representing the pieces that hang throughout the Barnes iconic galleries.
Metalwork shown within the Barnes Foundation galleries. Photo courtesy of barnesfoundation.org
The Horticulture Certificate Program spread, where the grid is broken by a plant that grows up the side of the page.